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COVID 19 has impacted our lives in many ways. And with this new wave, people are being encouraged to participate in the vaccination program.

While I was trying to book a slot for myself, I realised that CoWin APIs are also publicly available and many developers have taken the opportunity to build custom components, bots and websites to smooth out the slot booking journey.

This gave me a thought to implement it with Salesforce and I had the opportunity to build it using LWC.

Search By PIN:

Search By District:


You can look for a vaccination slot based on district and postal code.
The data is evidently visible because of the colours.
The interface lets you filter results based on center name, vaccine type, available slots, and minimum age.
If a slot is available, it navigates you to the government’s CoWin website to book a slot for yourself. (Reason mentioned below)

So instead of heading to CoWIN website and booking a slot, I am working on leveraging this functionality in Salesforce where one can authorise themselves with a phone number. But this is something that will not be available soon.

Code: I have made the code available on GitHub:

There’s one thing to know that the govt has limited the APIs ability to show vaccine slots availability data in real time. This means that third-party applications, bots would no longer be able to hit the request for placing the slot at the right time, increasing the number of hits and misses. 

Also, the CoWin APIs can only be accessed from Indian IPs.

As a result, you cannot see real-time slots through these applications. I strongly recommend that you visit to search and book your vaccination slot.

I hope this helps the community. 🙂


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